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Current currency exchange rates
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With us, the exchange of valid banknotes is always free of charge.

Currency exchange rates at our branches

Exchange rates

Exchange at a branch is the exchange of cash for foreign currency (currencies) at the counter, deposit/withdrawal of foreign currency from/to a CZK account at any of our branches.Transactions on the account include wire transfers (foreign currency) between accounts, deposit/withdrawal of CZK from/to a foreign currency account at any of our branches. The Bank does not carry out transactions on the account in RUB currency. Card transactions (foreign exchange) include card payments at merchants and online and ATM withdrawals.

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Mobile banking is already commonplace today. You can easily view currency exchange rates anytime and anywhere, just use our Smart Banka mobile app.

In addition to online rates, it also offers online exchange of dollars and euros. You can do this directly in the app using the online currency exchange. You enter the amount you want to exchange, find out the current exchange rate and then just confirm the sale or purchase of the currency. In addition, you can activate payments with your watch or mobile phone to use Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay and Fitbit Pay.

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With our mobile app, you have the whole bank in your pocket. Smart Banka includes over 200 functions and 41 products, and you'll find all the best deals. That's why it's the most awarded banking app on the market.
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Smart Banka is the most appreciated app by clients and professionals and is available an all iOS or Android devices.

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