Client's Ombudsman

Stanislava Hejnová – Client's Ombudsman of the MONETA Group

Handling complaints of our Customers who are not satisfied with the standard resolution of their claim or complaint and are considering further appeals

Stanislava Hejnová

Stanislava Hejnová studied law at Masaryk University in Brno and she has been around the banking business and financial market regulation since 2008. She has worked at HSBC, ČSOB and later KBC Groups, especially in compliance and legal specialist roles. She specializes in capital markets and collective investments with emphasis on investor protection. Stanislava gained international experience as Head of Compliance at KBC Asset Management NV located in Belgium, where she also obtained Certified Compliance Officer qualification for Belgium. In July 2020, she joined MONETA Money Bank as Director of Compliance responsible for ensuring that members of the MONETA Group proceed in accordance with all legal requirements and ethical standards. She also became Client's ombudsman for MONETA Group clients. In addition to Czech and English, she also speaks German and Flemish.

How we deal with your submissions?

Client's Ombudsman and his team primarily deal with complaints that have already gone through a standard claim or complaint process. Further, its scope includes some other specific cases, such as complaints escalated to regulators and complaints, the subject of which is a substantial amount of money.

  • Works closely with other departments across MONETA, has access to all needed information and decides independently
  • In addition to an appropriate solution to the situation, the Ombudsman always seeks for the root cause of problematic situations and proposes corrective measures
  • We will notify you within 30 days at the latest of the outcome of your submission. In more complex cases, we will inform you regarding the next steps within 30 days

Please be informed that if the Ombudsman receives a complaint that has not yet been dealt with as a claim or complaint, or does not belong to a specific group of standard cases, he will hand over the case to the relevant department for investigation, and you will be informed of the progress by the concerned department.

How to contact the Client's Ombudsman

Through online form below, via message in Internet Banka or in writing to the following addresses of MONETA companies:

  • MONETA Money Bank, a.s., Client's Ombudsman, Vyskočilova 1442/1b, 140 28 Praha 4 – Michle
  • MONETA Auto, s.r.o., Client's Ombudsman, Vyskočilova 1442/1b, 140 28 Praha 4 – Michle
  • MONETA Leasing, s.r.o., Client's Ombudsman, Vyskočilova 1442/1b, 140 28 Praha 4 – Michle
  • MONETA Stavební Spořitelna, a.s., Client's Ombudsman, Vyskočilova 1442/1b, 140 28 Praha 4 – Michle