Making banking transactions and shopping over the Internet will save
you lots of time.

But think not only of your comfort, but also security. In order for us to help you prevent the abuse of your funds, we recommend that you abide by the following simple rules and, above all, by “common sense”.

Protect Your Money

Maintain an overview of your money. Check your accounts regularly. If you note any unusual transactions, contact us immediately.
Before authorising a payment, always check that the information indeed corresponds to the data you have entered.
Only execute financial transactions from trustworthy and secured computers.
Before each log-in or purchase, check that the website of the service provider is secured, that the web address starts with https and, depending on the type and version of your Internet browser, whether an icon of a locked padlock is displayed in the top or bottom part. (After clicking on the padlock icon, information about the security certificate will be displayed.)

Protect Your Passwords, PINs, and Security Certificates

Use strong passwords and keep your passwords and PINs confidential. Do not use passwords and PINs containing the names of your family members and dates of birth. Such passwords are easy to guess and abuse. Do not tell your password to other people, even family members. If you fear that you may not remember your password, note it such that only you have access to the record. Do not forget that MONETA Money Bank never requests your confidential information, e.g., Internet Banking log-in data, by e-mail.

Protect and Update Your Computer

Install programs that will protect your computer, such as anti-virus programs, anti-spyware programs, and firewalls, and update them regularly. Also update your computer’s operating system regularly and use an up-to-date version of an Internet browser.
Use a filter for unsolicited electronic mail, and do not open and immediately delete any electronic mail and attachments received from unknown senders, as they may contain viruses and dangerous programs.
Avoid downloading and installing unknown files on your computer (especially with an .exe suffix), as they may compromise the security of your computer.
If you are connecting from a place where multiple people have access to your computer, do not leave an unattended computer on. Before leaving your computer, activate a password-protected screensaver or use CTRL+ALT+DEL to lock your computer.
If you suspect that your access rights have been abused, immediately contact MONETA Money Bank Customer Service at +420 224 443 636 and request that your access to Internet Banking would be blocked.
For further information about secure Internet use, consult for example the Microsoft website. For details about the security of Internet Banking, see the document Rules for the Secure Use of Internet Banking.

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