We support Ukraine

MONETA strongly condemns the current aggression towards Ukraine. We want to help the citizens of Ukraine fleeing their country, and those who live in the Czech Republic and want to help their loved ones

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Use ATMs with a Ukrainian card free of charge

You can withdraw cash from your Ukrainian account using our ATMs free of charge

Open a Czech current account free of charge with just your passport or ID

At any of our branches, citizens of Ukraine can open a current account without needing a permanent residence permit

A foreign currency account free of charge

You can deposit EUR and USD into a foreign currency account which can be opened at any of our branches

Send payments to Ukraine free of charge

Send money to Ukrainian accounts in any currency. All fees will be refunded into your account

In 2022, we donated CZK 46.8 million to philanthropic activities, including support for Ukraine

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Our stance on the current situation in Ukraine

The MONETA Group believes that democratic values are the cornerstones of modern life. This is why Moneta strongly condemns the current aggression and war crimes commited against civilians in Ukraine.

Moneta is ready to help citizens of Ukraine fleeing their homes, as well as those living in the Czech Republic who are now trying to help their loved ones.

We are very proud that the Czech Republic has not hesitated to provide refuge to over 300,000 Ukrainian refugees, the vast majority of whom are women and children. We also commend all of the other countries of the European Union that stand against war and offer help to Ukraine during these difficult times.

Further help and support