Telephone Banking

Save your legs, time and money and take care of everything over the phone.

  • Nonstop access to your account
  • Free activation

Telephone Banking enables you to stay in contact with us through a telephone banker using a push-button telephone. Call 224 441 234.

You can operate Telephone Banking not only using a landline, but also using a mobile phone.


Benefits of Telephone Banking

Speed, convenience, simplicity

  • All banking transactions and information without having to visit a branch.
  • Nonstop access to your account — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Service activation is free.
  • You pay significantly lower charges for transactions than at a branch.

In the event you don't want to perform active payment transactions, you can use Telephone Banking Mini.

With Telephone Banking you can:

  • Find out the balance on all your accounts (current account, savings account, term deposit, loan account…).
  • Enter domestic payment orders in CZK.
  • Cancel a payment order in CZK.
  • Have a detailed overview of transactions on all of your accounts and of payment orders, including information about whether they have already been executed.
  • Enter, change and cancel a standing order, a SIPO payment permit or direct debit permit.

You can find a complete list of functionalities in the Telephone Banking Summary of Functionalities and Service Parameters.

Telephone Banking is protected by a high degree of security:

  • Using an identification number and password (PIN).
  • Option of additional security using a TAN transaction code.
  • Option of free sending of a text message and/or e-mail in the event of any transactions performed by a telephone banker.

Conditions for Obtaining Telephone Banking

You can set up Telephone Banking at any MONETA Money Bank branch. A condition for establishing Telephone Banking is that you have a current account in CZK with MONETA Money Bank. If you don't have a current account with us, we'll be happy to open one for you.


You can establish Telephone Banking Mini in your Internet Banking application. A condition for establishing Telephone Banking Mini is that you have a current account in CZK with MONETA Money Bank.
Another condition is that you have a push-button telephone.

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