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You can monitor transactions on your account or credit card using text messages or e-mails. You don't have to log in anywhere.

  • Speed and variability
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You can obtain even greater control of your finances using Info Servis. You can monitor transactions on your account or credit card using text messages sent to your mobile phone or by e-mail.

You don't want the messages to wake you up? You can set a preferred time for us to send you messages.


Benefits of Info Servis


  • You are informed of transactions on your account or credit card, without having to log in anywhere.


  • The options for setting up Info Servis are variable.
  • You can get a message following change to an account or credit card, or limit messages to specific transactions.

Choose when you want to get a notification

  • When I have an unpermitted debit.
  • When money is credited to my account.
  • When money is debited to my account.
  • When a statement is ready in the Internet Banking application.
  • When I use my card.
  • When the due date for a credit card instalment is getting close.
  • When we receive an instalment on your credit card.
  • When money that should be debited is not debited.
  • When I want an overview of the number of transactions.
  • When I block my Internet Banking password.

You can find a description of the individual types of messages in the document Info Servis - Summary of Message Types.

Conditions for Obtaining Info Servis

You can easily set up Info Servis in your Internet Banking application if you have a current account in CZK or credit card with us. Alternatively, you can contact your MONETA Money Bank branch. If you don't have such product, we'll be happy to set it up for you.

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