Credit cards

  • With a credit card you have always money with you

To enhance our clients security we issue payment cards with a chip and with 3 year-long validity (debit cards).

Credit Card MoneyCard

  • With MoneyCard you always have your money with you, without repeatedly applying for a loan.
  • No fees for electronic transactions and even no interest while using 50 days of interest-free period.
  • You can set the installment amount yourself and pay the whole lent amount whenever you want.

Conditions for Obtaining Credit Card

A Credit Card can be requested by anyone who complies with the following conditions:

  • Citizen of the Czech Republic older than 18 years
  • A permanent source of income (if you are employed, you must not be in a probationary or termination period)
  • Permanent residence and contact address in the Czech Republic
  • Current account in any bank
  • A fixed line to work + other contact phone number

Documents Required:

  • Personal identification card and another identification document (e.g., driving licence or passport)
  • Documents about you income:
    - emloyees: Income confirmation not older than 1 month (you can use MONETA Money Bank or MONETA Money Multiservis printed form available on every MONETA Money Bank branch)
    - pensioners: Pension assessment not older than 12 months
    - entrepreneurs: - Trade licence or Special trade licence (Koncesní listina) or another document authorising the client to engage in business + Tax return for last year (not required of start-up entrepreneurs who have not yet filed a tax return)
  • Bank account statement not older than 1 month that is stated in favor of client and that contains one of the addresses stated in the client's application

Card Delivery and PIN

The holder can choose to pick up his card at a MONETA Money Bank branch or have it delivered by post.

The PIN is sent by regular post to the name and address of the card holder. For security reasons, the card and PIN are not sent on the same day. The card and PIN can only be sent within the Czech Republic.

The average time for the delivery of the card is 5 business days after the signing of the agreement.

Card Is Easy to Get

You can request a payment card at any MONETA Money Bank branch. If you do not have a current account with us, we will gladly open it for you without waiting also at any MONETA Money Bank branch.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on our Info Line 844 844 844.
If you already have our payment card, call 224 443 636 (this number is also provided on the reverse of your card).

Insurance and Additional Services

Choose from the wide array of insurance offers and other additional services provided by our contractual partners:

  • to debit cards
  • to credit cards

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