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  • We’ll do everything to ensure a smooth transition for you

Switching current accounts, with all of the standing orders and direct debits that have been set up, and with a payment card and other features, can be an obstacle for many of us, but you needn’t fear anything with MONETA Money Bank. We’ll do everything to ensure a smooth transition for you, from your existing account to an account maintained with MONETA Money Bank.

How the process works

  • The client opens a current account with MONETA Money Bank
  • The client then requests help in transferring his account to MONETA Money Bank
  • MONETA Money Bank establishes payments in the client’s account in MMB and gives the client detailed instructions, including the forms, required for a simple transfer of his account
  • With the forms and detailed instructions, which include a time-schedule, the client can:
    a) Transfer his salary payments to MMB
    b) Inform collection companies using a direct debit of a change of bank
    c) Cancel standing payments with the original bank and, if desired, close his original account

A Simple and Safe Change

The transfer of your account is executed with the assistance of professional bankers. The risk that you will forget something is minimal. You only need to visit one of MONETA Money Bank branches.

  • We will explain the account change process and the related time relations
  • You will be given advice and instructions in printed form
  • We will prepare all of the requisite forms for you

Documents Required for an Account Transfer

We recommend that you bring the following documents to your meeting with a banker. This can help significantly reduce the time that you spend at a MONETA Money Bank branch.

  • Personal identification card and another identification document
  • The last 3 statements of account / accounts from your existing bank(s)
  • A list of regular payments that were not included in the last 3 statements (e.g., annual, semi-annual standing orders, etc.)
  • The address of your employer and your salary payment date
  • If you use SIPO, we will need your connection number
  • If you use direct debits from your account, we will need the names and addresses of all of the collection companies (mobile operators, utility companies, insurance companies, etc.), and it would be best to include your client numbers and policy numbers, etc.

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