Cash Collection

The service allows you to engage in cash-based CZK transactions
through a security agency, without having to visit our branch
in person.


The service allows you to engage in cash-based CZK transactions through a security agency, without having to visit a MONETA Money Bank branch in person.

Advantages of the Cash Collection - Cash Direct Service

The Cash Direct Service (cash pick-up) includes

  • The comfort of deposits and withdrawals – cash brought directly to/taken from your outlet
  • Deposit and withdrawal flexibility – the precise time can be arranged (regardless of the opening hours of your MONETA Money Bank branch)
  • Cash handled by a security agency
  • Crediting / debiting from your current account at MONETA Money Bank
  • Full insurance of risks during the carriage of the cash
  • Covers the entire territory of the country

The Cash Direct Service Is Designed For

  • Companies with regular as well as irregular cash transactions
  • Suitable for companies with multiple branches

Following the conclusion of an agreement on Cash Direct, you will order withdrawals and deposits into your account electronically, through the BankClient service.

The security agency will bring the cash to the appointed place (as you request) in a closed package and at the time you specify, or collect cash in a closed package at the appointed place and take it for processing. The processing of cash is monitored by a camera system.

In the event of a deposit, the cash is credited to your account on the next business day after the transaction. In the case of a withdrawal, the cash is debited from your account on the day the transaction is executed.

TipThe more you use the advantages of Cash Direct, the more time and money you save. You can then use it for yourself and your company.

Conditions for Obtaining Cash Direct service

A condition for opening the Cash Direct service is the setting up of the BankKlient direct banking instrument.

The service is provided at the MONETA Money Bank branch that maintains your CZK current account.

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