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Have your money always at hand with Smart Bank! Use a smart phone for easy access to your accounts anytime and anywhere. Control your accounts easily and comfortably.

Benefits of Internet Banking

Fast Communication

  • With Internet Banking you can control your current account, savings account, foreign exchange account, loan account and credit card not only using your computer, but also your mobile phone.

Straightforward Operation

  • You can conveniently enter payment orders, check balances and transactions on your account or credit card, view your transaction history and make use of a number of other services.

Secure Communication

  • You confirm all active transactions with your mobile key or signature certificate.


  • You pay significantly lower charges for transactions than at a branch.


  • You have the possibility of designating one or several Internet Bank users, i.e., persons older than 18, who will enter your Internet Bank using your login data.
  • It is only possible to set up an eAuthorised_user at a branch of MONETA Money Bank.
  • You perform the activation, deactivation and detailed configuration of the eAuthorised_user yourself in your Internet Bank.

Multi-user payments authorizations

  • In your Internet Bank it is possible for one user to prepare selected payment operations (for example, issue of payment order) and for a different or the same user to sign it, i.e., to approve and send it for processing.
  • The functionality is available for natural person/entrepreneur clients and legal person clients under the assumption that there is at least one eAuthorised_user.

Import from/export to accounting system

  • You can easily import payment batch files to your Internet Bank from your accounting system in the formats ABO1, ABO2 or MONETA.
  • You can easily export bank statements from your Internet Bank to your accounting system.
  • The functionality is available for natural person/entrepreneur clients and for legal person clients.

MONETA Manager

  • Have a perfect overview of your income and expenditure.
  • Thanks to the MONETA Manager service you can control your finances and plan your personal budget.
  • MONETA Manager is a set of several useful tools that enables you to monitor your income and expenditure broken down by category, or shine a light on future economies. All the information can be displayed in easy-to-understand graphs and tables.


  • An electronic statement looks the same as a paper version. In addition, you can verify it with an electronic signature.
  • You get the opportunity to display, print or save in your computer any statement issued to you in the past.
  • You can download a statement in pdf, xml or ABO formats (the ABO format is used by most accounting systems).
  • You get a statement of your account several days before the post office would deliver a paper statement.
  • In addition, if you set up notification in Internet Banking, we will send you a text message or e-mail as soon as a new statement is ready for you.
  • You can save on charges for being sent a statement of your current account by post.


  • Online PayU payments are a method of paying for your purchases in eShops.
  • PayU is a straightforward and secure payment method that enables online payments for goods and services with the help of your Internet Banking application.
  • The list of eShops that enable online PayU payments is available at

You can find a complete list of functionalities in the Internet Banking Summary of Functionalities and Service Parameters.

Internet Banking with Mobile Key

  • Access after entering your log-in name and password (or mobile key—optional).
  • Usually each activation request has to be confirmed by a mobile key sent free of charge to your mobile phone, which is registered with MONETA Money Bank.
  • Data transfer over the Internet is secured by encryption (SSL, 128 bits).
  • You can transfer funds up to the amount of the daily limit you set.

Internet Banking with Certificates

  • It is necessary to generate digital certificates through which you prove your identity when accessing the Internet Banking application or signing transactions.
  • Access after entering your identification number and password on a computer with an imported digital certificate (SSL certificate).
  • Usually all active transactions have to be signed with a digital signature (signature certificate).
  • Data transfer over the Internet is secured by encryption (SSL, 128 bits).
  • You can transfer funds up to the amount of the daily limit you set.

Internet Banking Mini

  • Access after entering log-in name and password.
  • This type of Internet Banking does not enable the transfer of funds.

You can learn more about security in the document Rules for Secure Use of Internet Banking.

Conditions for Obtaining Internet Banking

You can get Internet Banking with any current account in CZK, a Genius type savings account or credit card, at your MONETA Money Bank branch. If you don't have such product, we'll be happy to set it up for you.

System Requirements for Internet Banking

For Internet Banking to run correctly, you need a Microsoft Windows Vista or higher, web browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Google Chrome 5 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 4 or higher. For Internet Banking with certificates to run correctly, you need the current version of Java Oracle.

We do not guarantee the correct operation of Internet Banking for other than the aforementioned operating systems and web browsers.

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