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Save on bank fees with the business accounts from MONETA Money Bank. Simply choose a current
account that suits you best:

If you want to start saving or appreciate the disposable cash in your account, read the
information in the Deposits section.


With Most MONETA Money Bank Accounts, You Can Also Get:

  • Direct banking services (Internet Banking, Mobile, Telephone Banking), which will allow you to keep a
    constant watch over your money
  • The MONETA Manager service, which is a part of Internet Banking, will allow you to get control over your income and expenditures and plan your budge
  • Overdraft Flexi Business – a reliable overdraft facility (permissible overdrawing of your account to a debit) without collateral
  • Infolimit service – immediately letting you know how much you can borrow
  • The possibility of withdrawing cash from MONETA Money ATMs in the Czech Republic and through other ATMs at home and abroad
  • International MasterCard or Maestro payment debit cards
  • Opening and administration of Business Saving Account
  • Advantageous insurance with your payment debit cards
Current Business Accounts
Genius Business Start For starting entrepreneurs and companies operating for less than two years.
Komfort Business Account Account with unlimited services. Account for entrepreneurs and businesses.
Current account Basic current account for entrepreneurs in CZK, EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, RUB, PLN, RON or HUF
Genius Business Export/Import Current account with favorable international payments in CZK, USD or EUR
Cash pooling Thanks to the Cash pooling you can associate balances to their accounts in order to get higher interest rates.

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