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As of April 1st, login via SMS will no longer be available

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Attackers only need thirty seconds

Recently, there has been an increase of online investment frauds via remote access. The perpetrators usually contact their victim with an inticing offer on their investments, then invite their victim to download a remote access software (most commonly Anydesk or TeamViewer) into their smartphone, under the guise of guiding the victim through the investment process.

The main risk of logging in to your internet banking from a smartphone lies in the fact that a hacker only needs access to one device to retrieve the login ID, password, and confirmation SMS of the victim. Once they gain access to this information, all they need is 30 seconds to transfer all the money from the victim’s account to theirs. Therefore, MONETA has decided to disable login to Internet Banking via SMS code.

What tricks do hackers use?

We are changing the way you log in and confirm payments in Internet Banka

With hacker attacks on the rise, MONETA is dedicated to continuous improvement of its security systems and protocols. As of April 1st 2023, you will be able to log in to Internet Banka as well as confirm transactions using only the Smart Banka app.

The Smart Banka app is protected by your PIN, or through biometric login using your fingerprint or facial recognition. It can also detect malware on the device. Furthermore, when you call our Helpline, the representative can easily verify your identity via the Smart Banka application

Login via SMS poses a security risk as hackers can use this information to gain access to your login information. Smart Banka provides the utmost level of security to your account and your finances.

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