Terms of Use

Effective from 17 January 2005, version 1.0

Before you start using this website, please read these Terms carefully. Also please read the Data Protection document.

Article I – General Provisions

For the purposes of these Terms, the www.moneta.cz portal shall mean the website of the corporation MONETA Money Bank, a.s., with its registered seat on Vyskočilova 1422/1a, 140 28 Prague 4, ID 25672720, entered in the Commercial Registry of the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, file 5403, a member of the General Electric Company Group.

The owner and operator of the www.moneta.cz portal (hereinafter referred to as the “Portal”) is MONETA Money Bank, a.s., (hereinafter referred to as the “Operator”).

The services provided by the www.moneta.cz Portal (hereinafter referred to as the “Portal“) are publicly accessible. The operation of the Portal, the use of its services, and the rights and obligations of the Operator and of the users shall be governed by these Terms. The use of the Portal shall be subject to consenting to these Terms. A user shall express his consent to these Terms by using this Portal. In the event of a breach of these Terms, the Operator may apply the measures set out therein.

Article II – Copyright

The Operator reserves all copyright to the contents of the pages of this Portal, including the text and images on these pages, the design of these pages, technical drawings, software, graphics and other files, their selection and arrangement. The contents of the pages of this Portal must not be in any way changed, copied, downloaded or otherwise disseminated (hereinafter referred to as “disseminated”, on its own or as a part of other materials, without the prior written consent of the Operator. This shall not apply to the dissemination of the contents of these pages for private (non-commercial) purposes, provided that that dissemination is not liable to threaten the Operator’s copyright.

Such consent to the dissemination of the contents of these pages may be revoked by the Operator at any time.

Article III – Behaviour of the User

The user undertakes that, in using this Portal, he shall abide by the applicable laws of the Czech Republic, shall always act in line with those legal regulations, good morals, and these Terms, and shall in no way harm the good name of the Operator or harm any other users. In particular, the user undertakes not to:

  • Intervene in the security of this Portal or misuse it in any way;
  • Intervene in the use of this Portal by other users;
  • Use the Portal for sending out unsolicited messages (spam) or chain messages;
  • Send to this Portal any messages containing viruses or any dangerous or harmful programs;
  • Create fraudulent messages in order to conceal the identity of the sender or attempt to penetrate into the account of another user;
  • Attempt to gain access to those pages of this Portal that are excluded from public use;
  • Disseminate on the pages of this Portal any messages or materials that breach the laws of the Czech Republic, in particular messages or materials that intervene in the rights and legitimate interests of third persons, which compromise human dignity, or the contents of which are in any way discriminatory in terms of religion, confession, race, gender, and which promote illegal activity or violence.

Article IV – Restricted Availability of Services

The user understands and agrees that the following may occur:

  • Poor accessibility of the service or its complete failure;
  • The delivery of a message containing viruses or other programs that may harm the computer or software used by the user;
  • A failure to deliver a message or the delivery of a damaged or incomplete message, or a delayed delivery of a message;
  • A failure to send a message or the sending of a damaged or incomplete message or delayed sending of a message;
  • The deletion of any data;
  • A change or discontinuation of the provision of services

The Operator shall not be liable for any of the above-mentioned restrictions in the availability of the services and the user shall not request any damage compensation for the restrictions in the services provided as listed above.

Article V – Confidentiality

The Operator shall not provide the data maintained about the user (hereinafter referred to as “confidential information”) to a third party, except for cases when they are entitled to receive it by law. This restriction shall not apply to cases when the user has consented to its provision to third parties. The consent may be given in any form, e.g., by clicking a button. In the event of the termination of registration, the Operator shall continue to hold the user’s data in its system for the purpose of its processing by authorised bodies in judicial or administrative proceedings on the basis of law.

The user agrees to the Operator providing his data (compulsory data provided at registration and any other non-compulsory data provided to the Operator at registration or at a later point) to MONETA Auto, a.s., with its registered seat on Vyskočilova 1422, 1a, ID No.: 60112743, and GE Money Multiservis, a.s., with its registered seat on Vyskočilova 1422, 1a, ID No.: 49241150 (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Companies”), which can process his confidential information for the purpose of its use in their line of business, i.e., in the provision of loans, financial and other services directly or indirectly related to their line of business, process it in the information systems that they operate, or in the information systems of third parties that any of the companies listed above have authorised with the performance of their contractual or statutory obligations.

The user agrees that any of the companies listed above may process his confidential information for the purpose, and to the extent, set out above from the time it is provided until the passage of 15 years from the termination of his use of services, or until the revocation of this consent with respect to the given company. The client hereby declares and confirms that prior to granting his consent with the processing of confidential information, he was instructed by the processor, on behalf of the other companies listed herein, as to the rights of users arising from the law, in particular from Sec. 21 of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Information.

The user agrees to be informed by any of the companies listed above about its products and be presented with offers for ordering those services, their intermediation or provision, and to be sent advertising messages to any and all of his communication addresses. The advertising offers may promote the services or goods of the Operator, companies, or a third party. The user may revoke his consent to the provision of confidential information in writing by delivering his consent revocation to the address of the registered seat of the company to which the revocation of consent is addressed. The user understands and agrees that should he revoke his consent with respect to the Operator, the Operator may discontinue the provision of its services.

Article VI – Links to Third-Party Websites

The pages of this Portal may contain links to third-party websites. The Operator shall not be liable for the contents of third-party websites.

Should third-party websites contain a link to the pages of this Portal, and in the event that the links and the contents thereof have not been approved in writing in advance by the Operator, the Operator shall bear no liability for those links.

Article VII – Restriction of the Services Rendered

The Operator shall be entitled to change the extent or contents of this Portal or the offering on the Portal at any time, or to entrust the operation of the Portal to third parties (potentially also allowing those third parties access to confidential information about the user) or to discontinue the operation of the Portal, provided that it informs the user with sufficient advance notice of at least three business days, by stating the information about the changes on the pages of this Portal or by delivering a message to the user’s e-mail address.

Article VIII – Sanctions

The Operator may apply sanctions in the event that the user is using the Portal in breach of the laws of the Czech Republic or good morals or in breach of these Terms, in particular Article III of these Terms. The Operator may impose any of the following sanctions: notice to the user, immediate restriction of the use of the Portal, or barring the use of the Portal to the user.

Article IX – Concluding Provisions

The Operator may change these Terms from time to time. The Operator shall announce the changes on the website of this Portal. A user shall express his consent to the change and the current version of the Terms by continuing to use the Portal and the services of the Operator.

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