Your money is taken care of by investment specialists.

  • Easily Into Investments Funds

Investments Funds offer one of the most effective ways to efficiently appreciate one’s available financial funds. With us, you can invest a lump sum or regularly invest, starting from CZK 300 (for BF Money funds) or from CZK 500 for other funds.

Benefits of Investments Funds

Investments Funds offer a far higher yield than a current account or a term deposit, and furthermore:

  • Your money is taken care of by investment specialists
  • The money is not tied to any termination period, so, should you need it, it will be available within a few days
  • The conclusion of an agreement and unit certificate administration are free; you only pay an entry fee with the purchase of unit certificates

Start Investing

Appreciate any money that you do not need at the moment.

  • After the signing of an investment agreement at a MONETA Money Bank branch or at your Internet Bank, you can simply invest by making a deposit or money transfer to the account of the fund you choose
  • We will keep you informed about the details of each of your transactions and the current value of your investment, in a statement via the Internet Bank or at a MONETA Money Bank branch
  • By entering a sale order through the Internet Bank or at a MONETA Money Bank branch, you will receive your money back in your account at no charge (the sale shall be effected for a price corresponding to the current market value of your unit certificates)

Documents Required

You will need the following documents to conclude an agreement:

  • An identification card (občanský průkaz) (if you are already our client)
  • A second proof of identity (e.g., passport, driving licence, or birth certificate), if you are not yet our client

Request more information or Start investing

Leave us your contact information and our telephone banker will call you back at no cost to you and help you.

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