Mobile Banking

Control your account using text messages.

  • Account balance
  • Enter or cancel a standing order

You can control your bank account not only using smartphones. Mobile Banking (GSM Banking) is a banking application uploaded to your mobile phone's SIM card that enables you to operate your account using encrypted text messages.

Benefits of Mobile Banking

Straightforward and fast account operation

It provides you with access to your accounts at any time and from anywhere.

Secure Communication

You operate your account using encrypted text messages.


You pay significantly lower charges for transactions than at a branch.

Mobile Banking Functionalities

If you have activated roaming through your mobile operator, Mobile Banking will also work abroad.

Mobile Banking Security

  • You operate your account using encrypted text messages.
  • Logging in to Mobile Banking is also secured using a BPIN.

Conditions for Obtaining Mobile Banking

You can set up Mobile Banking at any MONETA Money Bank branch. A condition for establishing Mobile Banking is that you have a current account in CZK with MONETA Money Bank. If you don't have a current account with us, we'll be happy to open one for you.

Another condition is a mobile phone with a SIM Toolkit and an active banking SIM card with O2, T-Mobile or Vodafone.

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