Cheques are designed for use by natural persons as well as legal


A condition for the processing of a cheque is a current account with MONETA Money Bank.

Issuing of Bank Cheques

MONETA Money Bank offers to issue bank cheques for legal and natural persons, on the basis of a written order, and to send it to the address requested by the client. A condition for the issuance of a cheque is a current or saving account at MONETA Money Bank.

A request for the issuance of a bank cheque must contain correctly and completely filled out fields

  • Name and address of the drawer, personal identification number / date of birth (ID no. for companies)
  • Name and address of payee
  • Amount and currency in which the cheque is to be issued
  • The number of the client’s account from which the cheque sum is to drawn
  • The payment title and a numeric designation of the payment title must correspond to the purpose of payment stated in writing
  • Client’s signature corresponding to his specimen signature

The period for the issuance of the cheque is 2 business days after the receipt of the application by the head office. MONETA Money Bank charges a fee based on its List of Tariffs for issuing a bank cheque.

Bank cheques can only be issued in currencies in which MONETA Money Bank has a NOSTRO account opened (USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, CAD, DKK, SEK, NOK, JPY, SKK).

Cheques for Collection

MONETA Money Bank arranges for the collection of cheques from their drawers, if the client receives a bank, travellers, company, or private cheque.

A cheque must have the following particulars

  • Be designated with the word “cheque” (or “check”)
  • Contain the order to pay a certain financial sum
  • The name of the person obliged to pay
  • Information about the place where the payment is to be made
  • Date and place the cheque was drawn
  • Signature of the drawer in line with his specimen signature

If any of the particulars is missing, the deed is not valid as a cheque and MONETA Money Bank shall not pay it out.

The deadline for collecting on a cheque is 6-8 weeks. MONETA Money Bank charges a fee for the collection based on its List of Tariffs.

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