Cash Transactions

Cash payments and withdrawals


Cash transactions are the oldest and most broadly used payment instrument in the world. Cash operations means any transaction (payment, withdrawal, etc.) in which cash is used.


Make use of the advantages of cash transactions:

  • Speed – you will get to your money very quickly
  • Simplicity – minimum documentation required
  • Accessibility – you can get to your money at any MONETA Money Bank branch

Cash Transactions Are Designed For

  • Legal entities and natural persons who are sole proprietors
  • Entities engaged in activities other than business (municipalities, state authorities, organisations receiving contributions or fully funded from public budgets, foundations, etc.)
  • Natural persons who are retail clients

Accepting Cash

When providing a payment in cash, the client informs the teller about the bank account (current account, deposit account, savings book, term deposit – account number and bank code) to which he/she wishes to deposit cash. The client informs the teller as to whether they are the account holder, a person authorised to have the account at the disposal, or whether he/she is depositing money in a third-party account, and specifies the amount and currency of the cash deposited and other information required for clearly identifying the payment.

Issuing Cash

The client informs the teller of the bank account (number and bank code) from which he wishes to withdraw money. He specifies the amount and currency of the cash requested, the type of the account from which the cash is to be drawn, and other information required to clearly identify the payment.

How to Get It

For details about particular cash transactions and the daily withdrawal amount, please contact a MONETA Money Bank branch.

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