Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics underpins the culture of the MONETA Group companies.

It provides guidelines to the basic rules of conduct for employees and members of the bodies of the MONETA Group companies, and details our values. The Code of Ethics also declares the commitments of MONETA Group companies towards their employees, members of their bodies, shareholders, business partners, and other third parties.

Code of ethics of the MONETA Group companies

Company values

Code of Ethics of the MONETA Group companies

Transparent Business Practices
When selling our products and services we always act in honest and transparent manner. Our recommendations are fair and honest. We always inform our clients and business partners about potential risks.

Handling Complaints
We handle all claims, complaints, and feedback with due care and in line with the Complaints handling procedures of MONETA Group companies.

Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism
Be careful and take notice of any signs of suspicious behaviour. Always act in accordance with valid legislation.

Protections of Competition and Relationship with Competitors
Never negotiate with our competitors on pricing, manipulating the price offer or sharing customers, projects, or regions.

Improper Payments
Do not bribe, do not allow bribing, and do not let yourself be bribed. Monitor the activities of third parties.

Contributions to Political Entities and Charities. Sponsoring.
Any financial or non-financial contributions to political parties, individuals or candidates are prohibited.

Public Procurement
Avoid any impression of improper conduct when dealing with public service bodies and institutions. Maintain the highest level of fairness and transparency.

Prevention of Conflict of Interest
Behave impartially when fulfilling your job duties, and do not get influenced by personal interests or positive or negative relationships towards certain persons, especially in the decision-making process. Avoid directing orders from MONETA Group company to a company owned or managed by your relative or close friend.

Protection of Personal Data and Confidential Information. Confidentiality.
Protect all information about clients, business partners and employees against unauthorized use, publishing, modification, or destruction. Do not allow access of unauthorized persons to the premises or information systems. Protect your access passwords.

Inside Information and Insider Trading
Do not buy, sell or recommend purchase or sale of shares or other securities of MMB or companies MMB cooperates, negotiates or is in a dispute with.

Intellectual Property, Protection of Property and Technologies
Protect the property and innovations of the MONETA Group companies. Do not appropriate or use intellectual property without authorization.

Social Networks and Media
Be careful when communicating through social networks, media, blogs, chats, etc. Be professional, responsible, and polite. Bear in mind that your private actions and behaviour may influence the way MONETA Group is viewed by its clients, business partners and shareholders.

Accounting and Reporting
Documents, communication, and accounting must be 100% correct and accurate.

Cooperation with Regulators and Supervisory Bodies
Always behave transparently when dealing with the regulators. Answer truly and honestly. Be concise and speak to the point. Report each meeting in advance.

Relationships with Suppliers and Other Third Parties
Pay great attention to their selection. Agreements with these entities are concluded only if they fulfill all legal requirements and have not committed any corruption, money laundering or fraud.

Health and Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety
Create and maintain safe work environment. Be vigilant concerning potential workplace risks. Follow applicable legislation.

Equal Approach
Always act in the most respectable manner and with integrity and respect. Respect others. Be open to their opinions and ideas. Refrain from any discrimination or harassment.

Ethics and Fraud
Do not lie and behave honestly when fulfilling your job duties. Report any suspicion of fraudulent conduct.


For more information see the full version of the code of ethics.

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